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Store Hours
12:00 to 5:00 PM TUESDAY - SUNDAY.  

306 E 9th Street
New York, NY 10003


Dinosaur Hill New York City



Dinosaur Hill will be closing at the end of November. We have enjoyed nearly forty years of  toys, Handmade wonderments,  a celebration of life and learning. I just turned 77, have worked since I was 14 and have decided it’s time to retire.

There is presently a 25% off everything sale, which will continue through October.

In November, Almost Everything will be 40% off. 50% off on some items until December 6th.

Meanwhile, you may still find:

-A- Abacuses, Agates, Ammonites, Animal figures, Apatosauruses, Arpilleras -B- Balls, Bears, Bells, Bongos, Blocks, Bath toys -C- Capes, Cards, Cats, Checkers, Chess, Cars -D- Dimetrodons, Dogs, Dolls, Dresses, Drums, Dragons -E- Eggs with silly putty, Elephants, Enchanting objects -F-  Fairies, Fire Engines, Flip Books, Fossils,-G- Games, Geckos, Geodes, Glass Animals, Globes -H- Hand Puppets, Hats, Harmonicas, Hobby Horses, Hot Air Balloons -I- Iguanas, Iguanadons, -J- Jacks in Boxes, Jacks, Jump Ropes (lots of Jump ropes) -K- Kits to make Clocks, Robots, Kazoos -L- Lamps, Lanterns, Llamas –M- Magic Kits, Magnifying Glasses, Magic Tricks, Marionettes,  Marbles, Monkey Drums -N- Necklaces, Nesting Dolls -O- O-Balls, Oil Paints -P- Pianos, Pirate Ships, Puppets, Puppet Theaters, -Q- Quagga, -R- Robots, Rocks, Rabbits -S- Shadow Puppets, Shirts, Shovels, Snakes, Spirographs, Solar System Mobile, Solitaire -T- Tea Sets, Tee Shirts, Telescopes, Theaters, Tibetan Tigers, Tools -U- Ukranian Alphabet Blocks, Umbrellas -V--Violins W- Wall Hangings, Wind-ups, Wombats -X- Xylophones -Y- Yaks, Yoyos -Z- Zebras.

Thank you, oh wonderful people, large and small, young and old for being on this earth and coming to Dinosaur Hill. I will miss you.                                             

With Fond regards and High Esteem,

Pam Pier

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